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CP DiagramUnderground Storage Tanks (UST), piping, swing joints and flex connectors that are in contact with soil can be subject to corrosion and thus deteriorate and possibly create a catastrophic leak. By utilizing electricity to reduce corrosive action, Cathodic Protection is the most effective means to control metal deterioration.

Federal regulations require a qualified corrosion expert to design cathodic protection systems installed at a UST site. We design and review cathodic protection systems. Our staff of certified, state-licensed, corrosion personnel are recognized experts. You can trust First Action to provide:

Cathodic Protection System Installation

Installation - Tailored to site requirements and done by trained and certified technicians
Commissioning - Includes final testing and adjustments to system
Owner Training - Discussing with owner how the system works and regulatory requirements
Maintenance - Required periodic testing and adjustments

Corrosion Control Survey & Reports

Feasibility surveys to determine suitability of system installation
Design Survey to design and engineer the most cost effective system
Assessment Survey to evaluate USTs for corrosion damage on tanks for regulatory compliance

Cathodic Protection System Testing & Monitoring
If you have an impressed current system you must inspect the system every 60 days to verify that the system is operating properly. Records need to be maintained of all system tests and system inspections. First Action can customize a monitoring program for your impressed current cathodic protection system.



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