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Corrosion can lead to failures in infrastructure and machines which are costly to repair, and expensive in terms of lost or contaminated product, environmental damage, and ultimately in terms of human safety.

Decisions regarding the future integrity of a structure or its components depend entirely upon an accurate assessment of the conditions affecting its corrosion and rate of deterioration. With this information, an owner can make an informed decision as to the type, cost and urgency of remedial measures. Monitoring corrosion characteristics of a proposed or existing structure can lead to the proper selection of longer life materials, durable and protective coatings and corrosion control measures.

First Action Systems can institute monitoring procedures that allow owners to measure corrosion and remedy high corrosion rates permitting the most cost effective operation while reducing the associated life-cycle costs. Corrosion monitoring techniques can help in several ways:

By providing an early warning that damaging process conditions are developing.

By revealing the correlation between changes in process parameters and their effect on system corrosivity.

By diagnosing a particular corrosion problem, identifying its cause and the rate controlling parameters, such as pressure, temperature, pH, flow rate, etc.

By evaluating the effectiveness of a corrosion control/prevention program.

By providing management the information necessary to relate maintenance requirements to ongoing conditions of operation.

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